In my small laboratory, away from the relativism of the outside world, among glues, colours and brushes, I am caught by the passion of the crib. Nowadays, the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten, that’s why I launched the figure of "CRIB FATHER". A father who comes back home at night, and wearing the same work clothes, involves himself in preparing the crib.Gesù_3

The figure of "CRIB FATHER" is in a clear contrast to that of Santa Claus, the result of frantic consumerism of these days. I hope to realize a wish: how Santa Claus did, I would like to the take the figure of "Crib Father" overseas. It is our duty to bring Christmas at its real of spirituality, celebrating its message, that is the value of the family, recently bombed on several fronts. Do not get rid of the crib the day after the Epiphany, as if to say "now you are bulky and useless". Let’s grow a little Jesus in our home and our hearts. Our grandparents placed a crib on the highest furniture of the house and not in the basement as we do today.